Course contents

  1. Eye acupuncture course

Duration: 2 days

Course Content:

Participants in the Eye Acupuncture Course should acquire skills that enable them to treat eye diseases with three different methods of eye acupuncture according to Boel:




In addition, the students learn the following:

To test the eyesight of eye patients

AcuNova, AcuChronic and AcuDNA – master the handling of the needles

Information on the disease AMD (age-related macular degeneration), as well as the course of treatment of AMD patients.

The course emphasizes that participants understand what vision means, as well as providing information about the most common eye diseases.

  1. The 11 Methods of Modern Acupuncture to Boel (MAB)

Duration: 5 days

Prior knowledge:

The student should have already participated in the following courses offered by us: Eye Acupuncture, AcuNova or Acupuncture 2000 Course

Course Content:

Boel’s Modern Acupuncture consists of 11 different methods that the student learns:











AcuTouch (NEW!)

Under the category “Modern Acupuncture” you can find out about how the individual methods are used.

In this course, the special stitching methods are explained, the effect of which develops directly in the brain. This distinguishes MAB from traditional Chinese acupuncture (TCM), which works via the energy flow along the meridians.

The individual treatment methods can be combined with each other to generate even stronger synergetic effects. MAB is used throughout the body and can i.a. help with pain, chronic illnesses, psychosomatic complaints and acute injuries.

The students receive background material for each individual method.


  1. The complete training: 11 MAB methods plus eye acupuncture

Duration: 7 days

Course Content:

This complete 7-day course summarizes the above course content and combines the methods of eye acupuncture according to Boel with the 11 MAB methods. A compact acupuncture training – easy and quick to learn.