9 – AcuMagic

The 9th method of Modern Acupuncture according to Boel 

AcuMagic – a painless acupuncture method

The magic acupuncture needle

AcuMagic is the ninth modern acupuncture method after Boel, it is painless, just like AcuOne.

AcuMagic is tailor made to handle all sorts of potential and impossible local issues.

That exactly where the problem is in the body: osteoarthritis, myosis, herniated disc, fat nodules, heart problems, spinal stenosis, tennis and golf elbows, neck and back pain, menstrual pain, sprains – whether ankle or wrist, or anywhere else.

In short, all health problems that are not spread over a large area.

AcuMagic can dissolve “hard masses”, e.g. fat and muscle nodes.

The acupuncturist uses five needles, and the technique is very easy to learn. The method of treatment is very special – the needle is inserted just under the skin so that it is painless outside of insertion. It can be painless because it is part of the effect.

Add that there is no acupuncture method that is easier to learn, then understand the name.

AcuMagic is part of the 5-day (and 7-day) courses of Modern Acupuncture to Boel.

AcuMagic – Special Features – painless acupuncture

All local diseases

Angina pectoris

disc prolapse

Chronic small intestinal inflammation

Diseases of the pancreas

menstrual pain

Muscle aches and muscle knots


spinal stenosis

Abdominal pains