8 – AcuOne

The 7th method of Modern Acupuncture according to Boel

Like the seven other modern acupuncture methods according to Boel, AcuOne also deals with all sorts of possible and impossible diseases. The eight methods have different areas of specialization, where they are particularly effective – as AcuOne:

Hereditary diseases, along with AcuDNA

Gastrointestinal problems – ideal in combination with AcuStomach

All autoimmune diseases

Diseases in and around the mouth, including dental problems

Acute and chronic pain

Why was the acupuncture method AcuOne developed?

In short, because it’s treating the beginning.

A little more detailed explanation:

In some cultures, the umbilical cord is cut immediately after birth.

In others, the newborn is lying on the mother’s abdomen for some time before the umbilical cord is cut off.

As you know, the child / fetus gets its food via the umbilical cord.

This food also contains some very important immune stimulating substances.

If the umbilical cord is prematurely interrupted, the newborn will lack some of these important immunostimulating substances.

This can cause this person, perhaps in childhood or later in life, to struggle with health problems or a weak immune system, eg. As with allergies and autoimmune diseases.

AcuOne points are close to the navel and use a unique stitching procedure that is virtually painless.

AcuOne is a micro-acupuncture system. With this micro-acupuncture system, you can perform a treatment on the whole body in small specific areas – for example, ear acupuncture.

AcuOne is virtually painless – therefore it is particularly suitable for the treatment of sensitive patients.

Boel’s eighth modern acupuncture method combines three things: it’s efficient, works extremely fast and is very easy to learn. This also applies to AcuOne.

Because of the fact that this method works so fast, they call some acupuncturists a “second phenomenon.”