BMA methods

In the late 1990s, Prof. John Boel developed a new acupuncture method, which he first called Acupuncture 2000, then AcuNova.

The new thing about it: All around the joints on the human body are located very sensitive reflex points that are connected to different parts of the brain via the nervous system. From there, the various affected body parts will be triggered and the body’s own healing process activated.

The novelty is also that this self-healing process can be initiated with AcuNova.

AcuNova is the first method of modern acupuncture according to Boel.

Over the years, John Boel has developed 10 other methods: AcuLine, AcuChronic, AcuDNA, AcuStomach, AcuSpine, AcuKing, AcuOne and AcuMagic, AcuKnee, and in 2021 AcuTouch. The methods are applied individually or in combination, depending on the affected body part. The synergy effect additionally improves the healing chances.