• Boel Modern Acupuncture is developed by John Boel, a Danish acupuncturist who was honored by the “Open International University for Complementary Medicines” in Sri Lanka with the title “Acupuncturist of the Century” due to the discovery of the revolutionary AcuNova method.
  • AcuNova is the first of 11 methods of Boel Modern Acupuncture (BMA), which is different from traditional Chinese acupuncture. BMA is based on modern research and acts via the nervous system with signals to the brain.
  • With AcuNova as its starting point, John Boel developed 10 other modern acupuncture methods: AcuLine, AcuChronic, AcuDNA, AcuStomach, AcuSpine, AcuKing, AcuOne and AcuMagic, AcuKnee. Depending on the affected part of the body, the methods are used individually or in combination
  • The combination of methods – the synergy effect – gives the decisive advantage in the treatment of pain and organic diseases. This makes BMA a treatment system of the future.
  • The BMA-methods are quick and easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Each month more than 1 million patients worldwide are treated by the approximately 6,000 BMA-trained therapists.



  • Boel Acupuncture has done intensive research to help patients with eye diseases, such as AMD (macular degeneration) and other. Initially, treatments for eye diseases had a success rate of almost 25%, today the rate is over 80% in the treatment of these and other so-called incurable eye diseases.
  • Boel and his team use different types of modern acupuncture methods developed by Boel himself.
  • Many years of practice show that almost all eye diseases are successfully treatable. Statistics and research projects prove these facts.
  • A BMA acupuncture point can be used to transmit a signal through the nervous system to the brain. This then starts the same procedure that the body usually uses to cure diseases.
  • What is new is that this self-healing process can be started for eks. with the BMA-method AcuNova. Or in other words: With AcuNova we treat the problem with the healing methods of nature.
  • AcuNova and the other BMA-methods are a new science – not developed in the laboratory, but through practical experience.



Those who learn the BMA methods get the chance to help 80-90% of their patients. Especially those patients who have already been abandoned by doctors and hospitals.

Boel Modern Acupuncture offers compact, multi-day courses in English, with topics based on each other. Register online on this homepage and check the course dates!