3 – AcuChronic

The third method of Modern Acupuncture according to Boel

An evolution of AcuLine.

AcuChronic specialties:

Chronic pain and other chronic diseases

Eye treatment – together with AcuNova

Lack of smell and taste

Asthma and bronchitis

Certain heart problems


trigeminal neuralgia

General muscle aches

General joint pain

As described earlier, all AcuLine points are in the joints. At first glance AcuChronic looks like AcuLine plus more points on the forehead and around the stomach. It’s almost like that, but on closer inspection it’s different, quite different.

When talking about chronic ailments, one has to talk about AcuChronic. The two methods (AcuChronic and AcuLine) overlap and complement each other.

AcuChronic, as the name implies, was developed specifically for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Definition: A disease that medical science can not cure.

While it’s very easy to use AcuChronic once you’ve learned it, it’s not so easy to explain how it works. For the colleagues who have learned AcuNova and AcuLine, it is pretty easy to understand the effects of AcuChronic. We try to explain it anyway, knowing that you can not fully understand it before attending an AcuChronic class.

If you have learned AcuNova and AcuLine, you also need to learn to use some points, some of which are in a circle around your head, and partially in a circle around the body, at the level of the navel, supplemented by the AcuLine points in the knee area.

The acupuncturist begins to insert the needles in the knee joint in the same way as AcuLine. That he / she asks the patient where the pain center is and follows the energy line, the rainbow-colored stripe – and puts the needles in the knee with the special AcuChronic technique. Then needles are inserted horizontally at the points that lie in a circle around the twill at the level of the navel. Finally, needles are placed horizontally, at the head at the height of the “third eye”. The points in the head act directly on the various parts of the brain and work well with the AcuNova mechanism.

We have discovered a phenomenon that people have difficulty distinguishing between right and left.

The problem is that some people believe that they have – in the figurative sense – been split in half, and that can cause several chronic problems if it is not corrected.

It is u.a. exactly what we do with AcuChronic.

Correctly placed needles in a circle around the knee joint, in the belly / back at the height of the navel and in a circle around the head, as described earlier, can bring back the flow between the upper and lower body part, and thus the feeling to be a whole person who is not divided into two parts.

If you hit the points around the center of the body exactly, the result is that the upper and lower body parts communicate better with each other.