11 – AcuTouch


We have rediscovered a kind of hidden secret!

Almost all people have a very large potential for self-healing that can be activated – consciously or unconsciously. It can be started by the person himself or by someone else who activates it.

We’ve done a lot of research on this lately and it’s evolved into a new treatment method we call AcuTouch, the 11th method of Boel Modern Acupuncture (BMA).

It is an effective and painless BMA method that can set self-healing in motion in a person in an amazingly short time.

As the only BMA method, we do not use needles, but a light touch – that’s why the new method is called AcuTouch.

By touching certain points on different parts of the body, depending on the type of disease, the patient’s own self-healing powers are activated.

Although AcuTouch has only been around for a short time, we have already achieved remarkable results in a variety of acute, chronic and autoimmune diseases.


The AcuTouch technique consists of a light touch with one or two index fingers in different places on the body.

So far, we have identified ten different treatment methods, including:

  • Touch the pain site directly.
  • ¨Touch the spot 10-20 cm on each side of the “problem”.

A special technique is used that you can learn in an BMA course. Registration here on our
homepage, under course dates.