7 – AcuKing

The 7th method of Modern Acupuncture according to Boel

AcuKing is very different compared to the seven other methods. The seven other Modern Acupuncture methods according to Boel can be learned in sequence without previous knowledge.

It took a lot of resources and hours to develop AcuKing. And there have been many setbacks to achieving the goal, but now we’ve done it, and the unique technique takes acupuncture to a new level.

This method was inspired by various principles and consists of:

Traditional Chinese acupuncture

Kejserens Acupuncture (Kaiser Acupuncture)

ECIWO Acupuncture

Richard Tan’s balance technique

Sri Lanka inspired acupuncture

A little John Boel technique

In other words, you combine the strengths of six unique methods when you have mastered AcuKing. The dynamic effect of uniting these seven methods is incredible – almost magical.


  • 1.To learn AcuKing, one must first understand the Chinese meridians, otherwise it is not possible to understand this method.
  • 2.Emperor acupuncture is a secret method reserved for the 12 acupuncturists at the court of the Chinese Emperor. The method was inherited to the descendants of the great masters, and they were forbidden to pass it on. I do not master Kaiser Acupuncture, but I’ve learned – via secret channels – which body area the points are sitting on.
  1. ECIWO acupuncture was developed in the 1880s by Chinese biology professor Yingqing Zhang from Shandong University in China. ECIWO is a new way to see the structure and evolution of the body. It has led to an effective treatment for many human ailments. This treatment is called Bio-ECIWO or just ECIWO acupuncture. ECIWO acupuncture provides a scientific basis in its way of Chinese acupuncture. The overall effect of ECIWO acupuncture is very high. It is not necessary to master ECIWO acupuncture to learn AcuKing when undergoing training for Boel’s Modern Acupuncture as a student.
  1. Richard Tan was the best acupuncture in the world. He was both acupuncturist and electrical engineer, and since I also have a background in electronics, we were able to exchange good ideas, thoughts, and methods between treatments when I treated him in the spring of 2014. AcuKing does not use dr. Tan’s points, but was inspired by the unique technique he developed (Dr. Tan’s balance technique). They never treat the left arm and the left leg or the right arm and the right leg at the same time, but always contralaterally, ie the left arm and the right leg or the right arm and the left leg. So far, we have only discussed technology – now comes the art. The trick is simply to find the exact points. Let’s look at a few examples. The right leg of a patient hurts from walking, which means pain on the outside of the knee. It’s easy because the problem is on the stomach meridian. Therefore, you must treat the long meridian called Yang Ming, which consists of the stomach and colon meridians. Since the knee is known to be part of the leg and the pain is in the right knee, you must begin to treat the ECIVO leg point on the stomach meridian on the right leg and thigh. Thereafter, you must treat the ECIVO leg point on the colon meridian on the left forearm and upper arm. You may also call this method “the consultants” of Chinese herbal medicine – known as patent medicine.
  2. I combined these five methods. It took more than three years to develop them, but it was well worth the effort.
    AcuKing is extremely effective for the treatment of chronic diseases, pain and even organic diseases, in addition to the many diseases that can be treated with Chinese Acupuncture (TCM).
    In order to learn AcuKing, it is necessary to have learned the meridians and the ECIWO acupuncture, otherwise it is pure chatter.

More art

The five points must be found exactly.

The points will be sensitive in relation to nearby tissues, so you can first “pick” a sore spot with your finger; or better yet, use a point finder or a 5mm knitting needle to find the painful spot. Then you have to hit the point with an acupuncture needle exactly.

The exact location of the point works in the following way: Pierce the needle about 2 cm and turn it counterclockwise. If the needle is almost stuck (and difficult to pull out), you’ve found the point. They stimulate the point (see normal TCM technique) until the patient feels the so-called De Qi feeling, such as a weak electric current.

AcuKing – Specialties

All diseases that can be treated with Chinese Acupuncture (TCM)

All sorts of inflammations

Angina pectoris

Autoimmune diseases

Pelvic ring easing

bladder infection

Chronic small intestinal inflammation

Chronic diseases

Cluster headache


Diseases of the pancreas

Half-sided paralysis

brain damage






Pain in children

Involuntary infertility

Abdominal pains